Alisa – Age: 33

If I was on an island and could have just one beauty product – It would be the Malaya hair oil! Since I started using Malaya hair oil two years ago, my hair has dramatically gotten healthier. Now I use the whole line!

Diana – Age: 40

I’m in love with your Face Serum. It didn’t just change my skin, it changed my life!

Mia – Age: 27

I’ve suffered from eczema on my face and eyelids for almost a decade and the only thing that would make it go away was a very damaging topical steroid. I used Malaya’s Face Serum for three days twice a day and the eczema not only entirely went away, but my skin looked thicker and fuller around my eyes and more even all over my face. I can’t speak highly enough about this stuff. Thank you Malaya!!

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