Pregnancy is a very beautiful and challenging journey where a variety of changes occur, including hormonal… some expected and some total surprises. Not only does your body change, but also your skin can change throughout the pregnancy. To address these shifts, it’s highly beneficial to use safe, nontoxic beauty products to protect your baby and your overall health. That means no harsh acne treatments (i.e. salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc.), no hormone-disrupting chemicals, no synthetic fragrances, and no pure essential oils. Making simple alterations in your beauty routine, being mindful of what you apply to your skin, and taking good care of yourself (#selfcare) are all essential for a naturally beautiful pregnancy.

Malaya baby

As you may have read from our most recent newsletter, I just had a baby girl! Before I was expecting and since my late teens, I had an acne prone/sensitive/combination/reactive complexion. Throughout my pregnancy, this transformed into sensitive/normal/dry skin and breakouts were kept at bay more often (a welcome change!).

Malaya baby

Despite my skin changing so much during my pregnancy, I was still able to use all the products from the Malaya product range, and now that I’m breastfeeding as well. Our formulas are designed for all skin types and concerns. All ingredients in our formulas are considered pregnancy safe. We use only 1% of essential oils or less in our formulas, which is the aromatherapeutic recommendation for pregnancy, and also makes our products gentle enough for daily use. Of course, we suggest you to consult with your physician when using products with essential oils during your pregnancy.

Here are some of my tips for maintaining your ‘pregnancy glow’ and for a simple, healthy beauty routine:

  1. Wash face with a gentle, all natural cleanser – my pregnancy skin change also motivated me to create two more facial care products that made such a huge difference in my skin. They are due to launch later this year. We can’t wait to share them with you!  
  2. 2-3 times a week, exfoliate with a super gentle powder-based polish like the Herbal Facial Polish. This multi-tasker features oat, hibiscus, flax, brown rice, honey extract, coconut milk, ginger, MSM and rosehip. It sloughed off my flaking dry skin without irritating it, reduced redness, and left my skin feeling super clean yet never stripped of natural moisture.
  3. Set aside time for a relaxing self-care/love beauty ritual 2-3 evenings of the week. Whatever your favorite skincare ritual, pregnancy is the time to really pamper yourself with it! The Advanced Repair Mask not only saved my skin throughout my pregnancy, but it also reminded me to slow down and just breathe. It helped banish breakouts and soothed irritation, reduced redness, and left my skin feeling so soft.
  4. Whether your complexion is oily/acne-prone or dry/normal and sensitive, don’t forget to moisturize your skin! Our bestselling Rejuvenating Facial Serum left my dry skin feeling perfectly hydrated, supple, firm, balanced, soothed, and even-textured.
  5. To help prevent stretch marks and moisturize skin, I included the Moisturizing Body Oil in Citrus & Bloom in my twice a day ritual. The powerhouse ingredients in our formula – Calendula, Rosehip, Argan, Avocado – can help in preventing stretch marks.

My skin is still going through changes after birth, but despite being sleep deprived and preoccupied with baby, I carve out a few minutes daily for my skincare ritual. Sticking to this simple yet highly effective beauty routine continues to help keep my skin calm and balanced postpartum.

Hope you find these tips helpful! Reach out to our team any time if you need some guidance on how to most effectively use our beauty range. Stay tuned for more self-care tips coming soon!



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